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 About Event Sitting

An Event Sitter provides convenient, on-site child care during events.  Event Sitters are different from a typical babysitting and/or nanny agency for a number of reasons.

Event Sitters

Event sitters are not your "typical" babysitters.

What Event Sitting is All About...

  • Event Sitters work with event organizers, from planners to venues, to coordinate childcare for parents who bring their children with them to events.
  • Event Sitters are event planners.
  • Event Sitters bring everything with them to care for and entertain the children for the duration of the event.
  • Event Sitters are insured.  As such, we eliminate the additional risk of the event host (i.e. a corporation) to provide childcare.  Event Sitters take on the liability of caring for the children during events, so the event host doesn't have to.
  • Event Sitters provide small group to large group childcare.  They tend to a number of children at one time - from groups as small as 10 to 100 or more.

Not Typical Babysitters...

Babysitters typically supervise children at their home while parents are away.  Event Sitters come on-site to the event location to provide convenient child care for children during events.  Event Sitters also provide an engaging and interactive environment for the children in our care, bringing age-appropriate activities for the children in attendance.  Our engaging and interaction with children during events differentiate our services from typical babysitting.