Your Event Sitters travels to the event location to care for children 6 weeks to 12 years old for the event duration.  While parents attend the event they are invited to, our qualified Event Sitters are in a space nearby, providing convenient, on-site safety and fun for the children in our care.  We provide all the age-appropriate activities and equipment to encourage an interactive and engaging experience for the children. 

Our service allows parents to bring their children with them, but still enjoy their event.  We bridge the gap between adult only and family friendliness during any event.  Parents are able to attend child- and worry-free, while we allow the kids a space of their own to be who they are - KIDS!


We are proud to support the Ohio Army National Guard!

We are delighted to support the Ohio Army National Guard Yellow Ribbon Post Deployment and Reintegration Programs through a Blanket Purchase Agreement, The Family Readiness Programs, US Army Strong Bonds Retreats, Social gatherings, and Meetings. Our on-site event childcare during these programs aligns with our company's mission, "Keeping families together under one roof, regardless of the occasion." Our service allows parents to enjoy the program together, child and worry-free, knowing their children are a room away being cared for in a safe and nurturing environment.